Election Day Tales – Joe Rogers

Being woken up by a Sky News alert at 8am is not the most pleasant of starts, yet through bleary eyes it was to get worse. Amidst initial pangs of despair, the reality was yet to set in.

So like all 20 year olds I poured a larger than normal bowl of Cheerio’s and began to mull over the situation we have placed ourselves in. By mouthful four a bitter taste coated my palate, the taste of impending disunity and uncertainty.

It is natural to have an aversion to change; yet this is amplified by the salient fact that there is no consensus amongst the Leave campaign on what happens next. With news of Cameron’s resignation more questions and ambiguities are raised than solved.

With the not so cheery Cheerio’s being washed down with a large glass of orange juice, sobriety set in. Coming from the demographic that voted 75% in favour for Remain, no amount of citrus could console the sense of emptiness felt on Referendum day morning.

There was much speculation prior to the result that the ‘grey vote’, rightly or wrongly, would heavily impact the outcome. This speculation became actuality as 61% of people 65+ polled by YouGov voted to leave. It would appear that age was a key determinant of this referendum. So as a student what does this mean?

Well for most it means dissatisfaction, anxiety and crucially a future decided by a demographic of people who will not be around to see its long term impact on society. Looks like Christmas dinner will be an interesting one this year.

Nevertheless, as the FTSE 100 crumbles, Britain divides and the Pound recedes more than Trump’s hairline, it is important for the 48% to get back up and dust themselves down and remain united. With uncertainty hanging over Westminster like Corbyn’s P45, it is imperative to aggregate and maintain this antipathy towards fear and hatred, as this is our future more so than those that have shaped it.

Joe Rogers

Joe is currently studying Politics at the University of Sheffield, for more short musings please follow at @username_JOE.

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